Commercial Window Cleaning

Are the dust and grime spread over the window is restricting you and not letting you enjoy the beautiful view outside? You need a professional cleaning company to come and the cleaning of windows.

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Professional Window Cleaning Service In Ely

Mr Squeaky Clean based in Ely, Cambridgeshire is the one you should reach out to for an excellent service. Our business is well established and has built a strong reputation for reliability and exceptional customer service.

We have vast experience of 15 years, and we have been delivering excellent service to our customer time and again. Our team is highly skilled, equipped with the latest tools to reach windows of any height, and they will clean the windows and get them sparkling clean again. Whether it’s accumulated dust or fingerprints impression, we can clean it all.

Why Window Cleaning Necessary?

A clean window not only improves your view through a window but also protects your investment. Over time, dirt and grime collect on windows and frames can cause damage and reduce the attractiveness of the whole building or shop. Keeping your windows and frames clean and in good condition, lightens your mood and lets the sunshine in. It’s a necessary part of maintaining a good property and builds a good image when your business associates or clients come for a meeting in your office or business premise.

Customized Solution

Our mission is straightforward and clear. We want to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team of experts goes beyond to cater to each of our projects based on their specific needs. As we believe, no two clients can have the same problem, so we give them a tailored solution for commercial window cleaning. We hope you will find what you are looking for with our window cleaning service through open communication and exceptional service. For more information or any inquiry, get in touch today.

Professional Staff

A clean glass surface can make a lot of difference to a building’s overall look. We have a team of experts who have professionally been trained. We have complete knowledge of the work that needs to be performed, and also they know how to deliver the perfect result. They can reach the windows and glass facades at any height with their expertise. We have tools and expertise to restore your commercial window glass to a sparkling finish with regular cleaning to removing dirt and grime.

Our Method Of Cleaning

Mr Squeaky Clean uses a water fed pole system which uses pure water. Therefore it does not leave any streak behind, leaving a properly cleaned surface. The benefit of working with fed pole means that our staff works safely from ground level cleaning windows up to the height of 8- feet from the ground level. This reduces noise and inconvenience and protects your employee’s privacy, not disturbing if it’s a working day.

Latest Products And Modern Equipment

Window cleaning products that we use are the latest. We also have modern equipment in place to deliver you the perfect result. Whether that’s with reach and wash from the ground or using cherry pickers, platform access, or ropes to clean at high levels, we have it all covered for you. Our state-of-art equipment tried and tested processes. In-depth understanding of glass helps deliver you sparkling clean windows. We know what all things make your windows dirty, so we use the required products that can provide unmatched cleaning standards, whilst mitigating the risk of damage.

Our Flexible Plan

Our window cleaning teams currently have good experience with all types of premises, including offices, shops, schools, hotels, nursing homes, and retail parks. We can help you provide a total cleaning solution for your windows as per your requirement. We have flexible maintenance plans for servicing your window daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or annually. It depends on you when you need us to provide you with the window cleaning solution as per your requirement.

We have been in the cleaning business for 15 long years. We have provided a satisfactory service to all our customers, including homeowners, business owners, contractors, and large organizations. We not only provide efficient service but also give a cost-effective solution to our clients. With IPAF certified members, well-equipped vehicles, and access to numerous different cleansing methods, we can access some of the most difficult to reach areas and use the most effective methods for the task at hand. Call us today.

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COVID - 19 Update
Please be assured that during this time of uncertainty, the health and safety of our customers is our highest priority, as our communities become more conscious of the evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As this virus continues to evolve, we would like our customers to have peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect their health and safety.