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Mr Squeaky Clean is a window cleaning service based in Ely. Windows are things that are generally difficult to clean, so we often just put them aside for a later date.

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Professional Window Cleaning Service In Ely

Suppose the windows of your home in Ely are getting too filthy to ignore. In that case, the moment arrives when it is high time to get it cleaned by a professional window cleaning company. Mr Squeaky Clean comes into the picture as we have been in business for 15 long years and have earned a name in doing the job of window cleaning with its excellent service and happy customers.

Leaving you free to do something else, using professional help also lowers the odds of you potentially smashing your windows by applying incorrect chemicals or cracking them with the leg of a ladder, saves you from risking life and limb by hanging out of the window or climbing up a ladder or find other such necessary gear. It is an excellent decision to give us a call, Mr Squeaky Clean, we have been in this business for a long time and have all the expertise you need for getting your windows cleaned.

We Use Pure Water For Window Cleaning

The pure water is continuously produced at our premises by filtering mains water through a three-stage filter into a static tank. The window cleaning operatives then transfer the water into a secure tank in the vans. The process of cleaning the windows once on-site is a simple procedure. The operatives connect an extendable pole to a hose reel. This allows the water to be pumped from the tank through the hose and out onto the glass via a brush head. The window is brushed over and rinsed off. The pure water then soaks up any impurities on the glass, leaving it clean and clear.

Mr Squeaky Clean offers a thorough window cleaning service to our residential customers. We take that is required to brighten up your home’s appearance. As a cleaning part, we always clean all the frames and sills, our standard procedures. Generally, people choose our service on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly service frequency. However, it needs to be cleaned as and when required as per your decision. Our price is quite affordable, and it certainly overweighs the quality we offer to our customers.

Why It’s Necessary To Clean Windows At Your Residence?

Glass is typically used in windows and architectural features on building exteriors – from balconies to façade panels. Windows can get dirty due to atmospheric pollution, organic contaminants, and acid rain. We are well aware of what causes the window to look dirty and how it can be cleaned, removing all dirt and grime from its surface. Dirty windows make your house look unsightly. This will have a poor impression on guests and friends visiting your home.

Our Cleaning Method

We leave the glass surface spotless using various approaches, including each and wash, a system of 24-meter long, water fed telescopic pole that can safely reach high windows from the ground. This cleaning method is safer than other methods where ladders are being used. We use no harmful chemicals, and use products that are made not to harm any family member. We do this in an environmentally friendly manner and in a cost-effective way. We use cherry pickers, platforms, or rope access to reach higher up window areas and clean it with hand. Whatever access is required, we have the technology, qualification, and insurance to safely complete our work.

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Our team of experts have long experience and have been trained to know all about window cleaning. Hence they perform so well that you will never regret hiring us as your residential window cleaning service. Also, the methods we use are used in all these years and its time and ageing proved to be the best method in place with our latest equipment and tools. Any time you can give us a call and ask for our maintenance service regularly to maintain your peace of mind and leave your window cleaning job on our professionals.

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Please be assured that during this time of uncertainty, the health and safety of our customers is our highest priority, as our communities become more conscious of the evolving situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As this virus continues to evolve, we would like our customers to have peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect their health and safety.